The best lawyers work with Sumpter Legal because we empower you to take control of how you work, where you work, and when you work. At Sumpter Legal, you can choose your engagements and take time off when you need. Regardless of which phase of your career you are at, you get to contribute your legal and business acumen to top-notch companies.

Join us to grow your career and meet your goals, while prioritising what matter most to you.

As a staff of Sumpter Legal, you will solve a wide range of resourcing challenges including coordinating work across SL legal consultants, configuring on-boarding, off-boarding and load balancing of workload. The work you do will be varied, exciting and meaningful. If you join us as a recruiter, you will work with prospective SL legal consultants.

Join us to be part of an innovative team that breaks with the past.