We understand the challenges you face. Multiple projects requiring different expertise of legal talent. Gaps in headcount due to medical and family leave. Surges in workload. You need high-quality lawyers who can deftly handle the demands, rigour and complexities of your legal work.

Our Sumpter Legal consultants provide you with coverage across various practice areas for gaps in staff or spikes in work volumes. You work with experienced lawyers, reduce your operational burden and reach your goals quicker.


Our legal research service helps you illuminate your most novel and unexplored areas of the law. By this, we mean points of law that are so novel you may need legal research into other jurisdictions or into statutes and documents so old they have nearly been forgotten. We do it all.

Our Sumpter Legal researchers will conduct extensive, no-holds barred research into the murkiest and most difficult areas of the law. So that you and your client will have a competitive edge, whether in the courtroom or at the negotiating table.


Your organisation’s data is often overlooked but priceless. Does your organisation lack a full-time Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

Our Sumpter Data Protection consultants will give you the necessary DPO advisory and support to make up for any internal capability or resource constraints. Our service will provide you with a complete set of toolkit essentials to build and co-manage a PDPA-compliant data protection program.


Our SL legal consultants provide expertise, cover staffing gaps and spikes in work volume.


Our SL legal consultants spot, calibrate, and assess your legal risks.